CVI Talks

Family Violence

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We sat down with Ms. Sarah Hilderbrand, Coordinated Community Response Coordinator with the Texas Council on Family Violence, and Dr. Grace Loudd, Assistant Professor with Texas Southern University, to talk about family violence.

Veterans' Victimization and Mental Health

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We sat down with Dr. Phillip Mulvey, Associate Professor at Illinois State University, and Dr. Wesley Smith, Data Analyst with Texas Department of Criminal Justice, to talk about Veterans' victimization and mental health.

Immigrant Victimization

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We sat down with Elise Griesmyer, Associate Legal Director of St. Francis Cabrini Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance, and Chris Guerra, SHSU PhD Student to talk about Immigrant Victimization.

Elder Abuse

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We sat down with James Booker, former District Director of Adult Protective Services, and Jennifer Salazar, Program Director of the Texas Senior Medicare Patrol with the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation to talk about Elder Abuse.

Hate Crimes

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We sat down with Dr. Brendan Lantz (Director of Hate Crime Research at Florida State University) and Ms. Jeanine Bias (Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Sam Houston State University) to talk about Hate Crimes.

Drunk Driving Victimization

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We sat down with Sally Johnson from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Dr. James Fell from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) to talk about Drunk Driving Victimization.
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